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The new social deduction party game. Campaign for the sweet or spicy party or jump parties until you waffle your way to victory! Cast votes for your fellow party members... if you can find them. Make allies and enemies as you fight to be elected mayor in this election-themed party game filled with many twists and betrayals.

Each player will be given a hidden party card: sweet, spicy, or bland. Their job is to determine who is in their same party and vote for that player since each party wins as a team. The game allows frequent opportunities for players to switch their secret party card with any other player. Some use this to gather information, others to jump a sinking ship.

The game lasts 11 rounds, including lobby, event, and voting rounds. All of which affect parties, resources, and vote tokens. The player with the most votes at the end of the game wins along with their entire party.


Customer Reviews

What Our Customers are Saying

"This is a great game for experienced to novice level players and is perfect for social gatherings. I have a blast playing this!"


"I appreciate the copious allegories to real political behavior in this game."

Alex Wilson

"Ahhh!!! Can’t wait!!!"

Ashlie Blalock

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